This August Take Note of Children’s Eye Health & Safety Awareness Month

We pay attention to the health of our children every month; however, as eye-care professionals, we want to draw extra focus on eyesight this August to honor Children’s Eye Health and Safety Awareness Month.

Whether you and the kids are ready or not, they’re heading back to class. It’s that time of year: school supplies, annual physicals, and early morning alarm clocks. We understand there is barely time to get that last pool day in, but this year, consider having your child’s eyes examined before he or she is set in front of the blackboard. In just an hour, often less, you can feel confident that you are providing your son or daughter with the tools he or she needs to be successful!

Learning and Vision

The American Optometric Association states that approximately 80% of the learning process for children is through their eyes. Their vision is integral to their ability to learn, adapt and grow with the world around them.

As adults, we can take our vision for granted. We’re able to recognize when something is off. Maybe it’s a headache. We’re struggling with focus or the words are starting to run off the page. Children tend to ignore these issues because they are often unaware that vision issues can be corrected or they just think it’s normal to have blurry vision.

According to opthamologists, there are some surefire giveaways for kids could be suffering from vision issues. He or she may be:

  • Sitting too closely to the television or holding books too closely to his or her face
  • Losing his or her place while reading
  • Using a finger as a guide while reading
  • Squinting or tilting the head while watching tv or reading
  • Frequently rubbing his or her eyes
  • Complaining of headaches or tired eyes
  • Avoiding activities such as video games, the computer, or reading

In any case, an annual visit with the eye doctor can’t hurt! It can only help improve the quality of your child’s life. So, once you’ve had their eyes examined, bring them over to Signature Optical to check out our fantastic selection of children’s frames.

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