Use Your Vision Benefits! Your 2015 Coverage Could Expire.

Do you have vision benefits and/or an FSA that must be used by December 31? The holidays are fast approaching, which means the end of the year is almost here!

For those of us with vision insurance, the end of the year means that any unused FSA funds or benefits will expire and start from scratch on January 1. Unused Vision Care Benefits and FSA funds, unlike HSA (Health Savings Accounts), cannot be carried over into 2016. This is hard-earned money and it should most certainly not go to waste!

Some tips for maximizing your FSA Funds and Vision Insurance before they refresh

  • Did you know that non-prescription sunglasses may be covered by your FSA plan? If your optometrist notes on your prescription that non-prescription sunglasses are necessary for the health of your eyes, your FSA funds can be used towards them. Simply make a copy of the prescription with your optometrist’s note and keep your receipt for the non-prescription sunglasses to submit (should any questions or denials arise).
  • Sadly, you cannot prepay for frames in 2015 and pick them out in 2016. In order to receive coverage, a claim detailing services, products, and the date of the transaction is submitted (by line item) to your insurance and/or any FSA audit.
  • There is a positive aspect of year-end refreshes. Say you drop in to Signature Optical and you can’t choose between two pairs. You may opt for the studious look this November and take full advantage of your 2015 benefits and available funds. Then, in January, come back in and get that second pair (fully covered by your 2016 plan) that you know you can’t live without.

The holidays are a crazy time of the year for everyone—gifts to buy, family gatherings to host and attend, and squeezing in those last minute 2015 “to do” items can be overwhelming. We urge you to drop in before the holidays hit so that you have time to try on as many designer eyewear options your heart desires and look your very best for the Thanksgiving feast.

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